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It's now very easy to seduce either a man or a woman. Everything  has changed and really looking  forward to having more changes. Having a friend is not a big deal unlike in the olden  days. 

Seducing a lady involves just simple things even if you are not serious with her. It's  the same thing happens to the  lady if she is not serious  with him. So you just install a messenger on your phone and start with "Hi". Then later when the conversation is at peak installed Skype or IMO for video calls. That is all and the last thing is meeting and go to bed. 

In the olden days it was real hard to get a lady because of communication means. There was no reliable  methods and all in all it only depended  on verbal  communication. Having someone who acts as a mediator, taking oral  messages and letters  to the other party. Then wait for a reply in a year. Sometimes  the ones who were mediators redirected and change stories in between.

In the modern era, people display themselves  according  to taste. Sometimes without respect clothes in social media like Facebook,Instagram, Twitter  and tagged, later to realize  nobody is interested in it. People advertise  themselves as they are selling whatever  they have and in pictures. Look at the picture below someone is selling at 3000 bob per agreement.
facebook page for a woman.
If you need her read her picture on the page properly. It's someone who needs money and YOU.

In the olden days people we really walking without clothes and even the display was good compared to now. People displayed, but the rate of people having s£xual feeling was low. People used to shower in the rivers at the age of 20s and nothing happened. The youth used their  parents  to search for the their  wonderful  ladies. The taste of the father or mother was the taste of the son or daughter.

People now make love online in IMO or Skype or its equivalent. All of them undress and start showing off online even if you've  never met the partner. Chatting  and adding emoticon is the means of expressing  love nowadays. People  go online searching for dating sites and applications to meet their needs.

In the past, people used to meet in family gatherings where friends  were introduced and as well at weddings. Sometimes in the rivers or dams or wells where people  were fetching water. There were gas cookers nor electric cookers, people used to meet and talk in the bush while looking for firewood. Those were the major areas where people used to meet and talk about love. For those  who had carried they faced them at their homes.

When you compare the styles at which people nowadays  use, unlike the past, now youth doesn't talk, it's  cheating and making love. The verbal skills are all obsolete and that's why nowadays people are being taken to school to know public speaking, or sales  and marketing so as to able to have the skills of convincing  a person acquire or agree with something.

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