Technology has changed to really marvellous,sometimes stupid and childish inventions. Most of the top inventions are from china. The country has most and a well-elaborated education system that makes the Chinese be real productive. The technological invention is effective to be implemented in the first world countries.

Most countries in Africa have poor infrastructure and always in consumer state. All this is due to a poor educational system and lack of study materials. Learning equipment are the most challenging aspect in Africa. The African governments should focus on Technology and pieces of equipment so that the countries should start invention like the developed countries. Most developing countries are only users and consumers, it is only in developed countries where they produce and export  their knowledge to other countries.

Check this cat controlled by a remote device. The use of internet of everything is now having impact in the world. Even having a better technological infrastructure enables exposure and critical thinking in this 22nd century.


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What is your say on this

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