Hate speech dominates.
Is this the Kenya we need? Riots everyday and demostrations as leaders fight in their committee.

Kenyan leaders do the unthinkable as they do some ingrown ups deeds. Last year senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko engaged with a fight with Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho which the fight ended up making the governor loose some of his bodyguards. But before this engagement, senator Sonko had a crush with  the Nairobi women representative Rachel Shebesh. The engagement was due to the disagreement with some stuff that went viral over the social media and even the senator found her with another man in a club in Nairobi.

Eat food that is given to you or else remain hungry. Do not beg. These are our governments in cartoon style.
The people of kenya are being demostrated by the picture created by Site campo. [Photo: Site Campo]
Sonko got saved by a prayer from the cutest pastor in Nairobi, Reverent Lucy Natasha. The Nairobi governor had a side scandal with the women representative that made Governor  Kidero slap her. The fierce women representative got a blow from the Dr. Kidero due to the poor method of giving out grievances. The critics say that the Nairobi senator wanted to get time to engage with Dr. Kidero and vomit all that he had after the slap to his side friend Rachel Shebesh.

Today was the day the flashy senator waited for long. During the Public accounts Committee seating, Sonko physical engaged the governor in the chambers. All the sorrows that he had when the governor slapped the women representative were today taken out and seriously fought the governor. The PAC meeting was adjourned till further notice as they were disrupted by the fight. Sonko fought Kidero as the majority of the Nairobi people say that it is because he wants to the governor of Nairobi come 2017. He wants to compete with Dr. Evans Kidero in the gubernatorial seat.

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Mombasa members of county assembly also fought till made the Kongowea Member of county assembly taken to Mombasa hospital for treatment. He was hit by the ceremonial mace that the sergeant at arms carries in the county assembly chambers. Another fight also happened in Nyeri and Kiambu county assemblies this year after the MCAs disagreed about the distribution and allocation  of the county funds to their wards. Now the leaders we have are always fighting one another instead of fighting for poverty and the economy of the country. Will the country continue to be with violent leaders and laws unrespectful people? Do the leaders we have respect the rule of law and feel guilt when people lost lives because of them?

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