Salivated seat for women is women REP.

 Now women are alive in politics after the first phase of the new constitution. All over the social media women are now setting up pages to notify voters about their aim of getting leadership. The most interesting seat is the women representative as the majority knows that there is nothing only to seat and get paid every month. Women were seen to be dormant in terms of political ambitions but now the next years will be full of them as the majority now have discovered the honey behind it.
Women REP seat for the hot women across the country.

 Aisha Mohamed, Sadaf Deen, Salash Mamake rasul and Mishi Mboko will be engaging who is more powerful in the next years women representative position in Mombasa. The game of politics continues in others areas across the country especially in Murang'a county. Close to 10 women are yearning for the post of women representative.The main objective of having such big numbers is to get the third gender rule in the chambers. That means more women in the parliament will enable them to pass bills affecting men easily as they will be waiting or getting backup voters from men anymore.

If you cannot beat them join them. Young ladies hoping to get women REP.

According to the constitution, the gender balance rule has not yet been official reached and be effective. Women need to get more seats in different categories to reach the two-thirds gender rule. They will need to be in the constituency, senatorial positions and gubernatorial to reach the position. So far there is no a women governor in Kenya. The women should struggle to get at five governors seats before lobbying for more positions. The next parliament will be made strongly enough if one majority leader is a woman or minority leader from both parliaments. Women representative position is really a hot cake position for women coming to the next general elections.

All those women needs to be ladies representatives.

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