The case will be heard next week.
Hon Raila Odinga Hugs Kilifi women representative Aisha Jumwa after being released from remand on 17th June 2016 evening.  [photo: George Charo]
 Kilifi Women representative Aisha Jumwa was detained yesterday with other cord Members including Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama. The Women representative who has two children and separated had a difficult time in the cells as they were not given food now close to 48hrs. According to her relatives, the women representative who her life is in danger due to messages from Mr. Waithaka who is the head of Jubilee coast region said that life in the cells is really very hard.  Jubilee members of parliament were being given good food and the CORD members did not have even bite since yesterday. Below are statements that were made by Kilifi governor Amason Kingi and Raila Odinga towards the government action.

CORD members realised.

Kilifi women REP.Government to take resp[onsibility on chaos that will happen. CORD members said.
Senator Muthamas' wife has been chased away from the cells where her husband is detained. The hate speech aspect is now actualized after a very long time of battle between the two major parties. Most of the people pity the women representative as her family in Kakuyuni, Malindi is getting worried about the whereabouts of their beloved one. Aisha Jumwa who separated nearly five years ago with the first husband,her fate for the hate speech is not determined. She has been released today evening and waiting for her case to be heard next week. Malindi people on the love of their beloved mother and sister have been demonstrating the whole day today for the release of Aisha. The next years Malindi member of parliament has made people sorrow with all her efforts to protect the people of her county.

Aisha Jumwa custody protest.
Malindi residents demonstrate over the  case accompanied Aisha Jumwa and the custody at Muthaiga Police Station.

The government has already created a gap between the two parties by the way of sorting them out in the Kenyan cells.It wanted to show and exercise the power of governance through detaining some powerful politicians both from Mt. Kenya and the CORD regions. Aisha Jumwa is the first woman to be detained because of politics after Wangari Mathai who was detained to protect the Uhuru Gardens Nairobi. Bana salutes go to her for standing firm to protect her people and rights of many Kenyans. The Malindi current member of parliament will be in for it if the woman representative decided to run for the Malindi constituency seat next year. The Kilifi women representative added a PR to the people of her county as now they believe she can really protect people anywhere unlike the other members of parliament in the region. "It is unconstitutional to hold people with their case not being heard," said CORD leader Hon Raila Odinga.

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