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"Lungula" A Man caught ontop of a goat in Kiambu by neighbours.

A kiambu man caught by neighbours sleeping with a goat.

A man was caught in Kiambu yesterday assaulting a goat. The man who was taken to a police station  in Kiambu later found on the street. The people were shocked to see the goat assaulted person back on the road.

Its is just a few months when women from the area went on the street demanding enough pleasure and satisfaction. It's shocking to see women going to the street because of bed matters and now men going out with goats.

The liquor that is sold in the area is not yet finished because of the activities taking place. The people in the area have been reluctant with the behavioural change and forget to be keen on their suspicious people.
People from the area have been criticised with the abnormal activities that shock the world. The recent conduct of people in the area is shocking and-and the government should focus on taking people to prison because of the satanic actions.

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