Joho and ODM selects Raila for state house race at Mamangina.[Photo by George]
Hon Raila Odinga has been so vocal in coast politics with his child in politics Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho. The Coast politics look unfair to "BABA" because of what always happen when he visits the coast region. The CORD haters say that it's the misfortunes for the next years general elections. Here are the main three outlines that will make you shocked with what always happen to RAO in coast.

In the past function in Kwale, BABA was beaten like a child by receiving several strokes from an unknown man. This mysterious activity happened in front of the Kwale governor Salim Mvurya. The critics said that it was unfortunate but now it shows something. The governor was not among them in the rally but he was thinking on how he will ditch the party. This was a bad omen and unfortunately all the Kwale leaders ditched to JAP.

10 years of running in the opposition in Kenya [Photo by George]
The second scenerio was in Malindi where the stage went down and RAO got injured. This shows that something was to happen in the ODM party in the area.Now the next move was the Coast leaders chairman Gideon Mung'aro ditching ODM to JAP follwed closely by Peter Shehe and Mining cabinet secretary Dan Kazungu.

The third point was on the ODM birthday party where there was a blackout just when he wanted to start his speech. All leaders provided their speeches including his wife IDA ODINGA. Only "BABA" remained to provide his speech and unfortunately there was a blackout. Does this mean more ODM members will still ditch the party to other parties or he will not win the next years general elections?

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