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Dileep and Kavya Madhavan: Mollywood Actors Dileep and Kavya Madhavan tie knot in Kochi.

Mollywood actors got Married today.

The famous Malayalam stars and actors Dileep and Kavya Madhavan tied a knot in Kochi this Friday of 25th November, 2016 amidst a gathering of select guests.The wedding was a surprise because the visitors who were allowed were only from their clan. Not only that but also was announced a week to the wedding. Speaking to media that covered the wedding, Dileep said, “Kavya was not the reason for whatever problems that happened in my family. So I decided if I were going to get married, I will marry someone who was made a scapegoat for my problems… In the last couple of days, I discussed with my family and daughter about this wedding. And today I am marrying Kavya with their full backing.”

The wedding took place  at a hotel and only 200 invited guests were allowed. It took place at around 10 A.M accompanied by stars from Mollywood actress Menaka,Chippi,  Joel and much more. Dileep took heart to the facebook news and posted his heart views.

Before the wedding, he had a brief thoughts about his special day and he said, “I am here to tell you about a big event happening in my life today. I am getting married today. When I thought of a marriage, I discussed it with my daughter, her mother, my friends and family and arrived at a decision. My partner is a person who has been linked to me in gossip magazines. I earnestly hope all Malayalis and people around the world who love me would shower your blessings on us and remember us in your prayers. Please do not create controversies out of this. Bless us instead. "


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