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Illuminati dark labs plans and targets for Africa revealed in a secret reports leaked in dark U.S cable news.

Illuminatti Africa targets 20 Millions people by 2030 leaked reports done by John Harry.

Henry Kissinger and John Harry reports leaked about the Illuminati revolution in Africa. The shocking reports show what is being planned in the dark labs. The reports also linked democrat candidate Hillary Clinton on the ongoing campaigns. She is a project of the dark world as described by Kissinger. She is also completing what Obama started through projects and reclamation of Dakota and Obama care bill.

What about dark labs Africa? Mrs Bill will provide a heavy task to the agents in Africa  and full enforcement by giving direct instruction on advisories. The reports which target 2030 also have targets to meet in Africa. The Illuminati organisation is targeting 20 millions more people in to have joined by 2030. This target will be achieved by adding more satanic churches and advance technology in Africa. This trick will be in a form of technology advancement which at the end will be welcomed by many people.

Illuminati tricks are well defined in the freemason organisation. The reports also show that 100,000 scholarships will be available every year from the Freemasonic institutions which will be headed by YALE university in the United States. The Freemasonic institutions are all over the world. Visit the John Harry facebook page for Illuminati connections.

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