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How to do business in Kenya currently? Government connection is the solution.

A lady assisting a physical challenged person in Nakuru.

Business in Kenya is thriving to the people who are close to the government and have links and connection to tenders. The majority of SMEs' are always asking themselves how to do business in Kenya and flourish. Here are some of the businesses that do good in the Kenyan economy.

Safaricom Company.

This company thrives in Kenya because of support  from the government and it is also prioritized in terms of  tenders that involves communication and security. The  government also helps in the company customer exploitation by allowing them to charge according to what they want. The sales of the company were up 13% compared to last year. The company now is looking forward to exploring other markets like real estate and financial investments.

Nation Media Group.

The nation media group is the leading newspaper vendor in east Africa and more of in Kenya. The company merged with other subsidiaries and partners which had a direct link with the government.  The group this year had a decline in profits compared to last because of digital improvement and skills. The only country which had an increase in profit compared to last year is Tanzania. This was due to the elections. The overall Cost of sales was down 3.4% to KSh 2.452 billion shillings.

MediaMax company.

The company owned by close friends of the president had an average income. The company which provides free newspapers to the citizens outlined to be the best media house in relations to customer service.

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