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Joy Doreen Biira, A KTN media Personality released by the Ugandan Police following Photo Saga.

Joy Biira Found herself in the Midst of War in Uganda. PHOTO | Courtesy

Kenya Television Network Media personality who is also a Ugandan Joy Doreen Biira spent her night in Ugandan cells. Joy was suspected to have taken photos of the burnt Kingdom of Rwenzururu in Uganda.

The King, Charles Wesley Mumbere is allegedly inciting violence by the use of youths in His kingdom. The accusation happened after militiamen reportedly attacked a police post in his hometown of Kasese on weekend.

The  Ugandan police stormed the Rwenzururu palace and fought with the kings' security for about three hours. The fight led to interclan conflict which left at least 55 people dead.

The fight between the Kingdom militias and the Ugandan forces continued for a while and unfortunately, the Media personality was in the Palace. Joy took photos and posted them on social media. That was the main reason why the Ugandan police locked her in the cells until she deleted and pooled down the photos from the internet, then described the motive behind the photo.

She went to Uganda with her fiance for introduction and as well visited her relatives. She has been released on a cash bailout which was sponsored by her media employer. She is expected to be back to the country tomorrow. The sources said she is fine with no injuries after being in the midst of a fight.

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