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Standard gauge railway(SGR) swept by short rains in Makueni. Is it fake? what will happen to the SGR in the long rains?

A section of SGR breaks down in Makueni.

President Uhuru Kenyatta promises for the standard gauge railway to Kenyans was a just a mess. The multi-billion project that was given to China to construct was a blunder. A section of ongoing construction was washed away by the short rains at Makueni.

The SGR which is still yet to be tested was swept away by the short rains. The water from the Tsavo National park swamps and seasonal rivers flooded the poor conditioned and fake SGR which led to the damage of some sections. Only a two hours rain swept a bigger section the project. The short rains will continue until the end of December. If the short rains can do such a damage, are we going to have SGR if we will have El Nino or the next years' Long rains? Those are some the questions taxpayers are asking themselves.

Some people started to question the durability of the project. This is what they said,"This is Uhuru Kenyatta's pet project the Standard Gauge Railway SGR that was washed away by the short rains. Who knows what will happen when the long rains come? The favoured Chinese contractor must have colluded with Uhuru Kenyatta to fleece the taxpayer of Ksh 350 Billion, the cost of the SGR, to put up this shoddy enterprise. "

The government should look for serious companies to do such big projects. The Laptop project has defects and loopholes and some gadgets not working. Is it the same China these computer  gadgets are coming from? Associating with fake products will render the country into a big loss in future. The main questions people are asking for is that the tendering to be considered to well-known international companies. Last but not least, what will happen if the SGR begin to work and heavy rains occur?


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