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"All Private and Public Hospital to be FULLY Closed come next Tuesday." says KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Ouma.

KMPDU vowed to close all Hospital next Tuesday.

The KMPDU vowed to close all Hospitals in the country following government reluctant in implementing the Collective bargaining Agreement (CBA) which was signed last year. According to the KMPDU secretary general Dr. Ouma Oluga, the government has failed to provide the right for the Kenyan doctors.

The KMPDU has vowed to continue with their strike until the government listen to their voices. They also added that will extend the strike to the Private hospital starting next week Tuesday. The KMPDU secretary general said, "Starting from next week  Tuesday, 13th of December  no Hospital will be operating and we will converge here in Nairobi for a big Demonstration, No matter what!".

The Health cabinet secretary Dr Cleopa Mailu was shocked after he heard of the private Hospitals strike next week. The Government has been silent as if nothing is going on the healthy sector. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy president William Ruto were in Bomet and Kericho engaging in Road projects. None of them talked about the health tragedy.

The KMPDU and the Healthy CS Cleopa Mailu did not agree on meeting at the haggling table because the KMPDU secretary General said that he will not go to any discussion table because the government already have everything the Doctors are looking for. The strike will continue until the government resolves all the issues the KMPDU raised.

The Doctors said are ready to resign if the government will not meet their claims. These threats come after the CS called the KMPDU secretary general to call off the strike or else, the ministry will hire new doctors. Dr Ouma Oluga rubbished the claims and said they are ready to face any challenge and obstacle that will cross in their way. All hospitals, both Public and Private will be expected to be fully closed by Tuesday evening if the Senior government officials will not intervene.


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