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Johnson Mwakazi and 50 more Journalist rendered Jobless after WTV declared bankrupt.

Johnson Mwakazi currently jobless after he was fired at WTV.

The former Citizen Television news anchor Johnson Mwakazi is jobless following the closure of WTV. The  WTV Kenya was declared bankrupt and forced to close its doors.The Management is allegedly squandered the advertisement revenue hence was not able to pay it employees.

Mwakazi was working for WTV channel which was meant to provide financial advice. The renowned news anchor who is also a C.E.O of Fountain Media group was rendered jobless following the closure of the media house.

The station has been in Kenya for only three years. More than 50 journalists lost their jobs. The deal became sour when he was kicked out of the administration and became the head of jounalists in the television station. Alot of criticism to the Management was given by the Board of the Media house in regards to the heads swindling projects and fooling them.


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