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US PRESIDENT-ELECT DONALD TRUMP congratulates Hon MILLIE ODHIAMBO for causing the Parliament Fracas.

Trump congratulates Millie Odhiambo. PHOTO | AFP

The US president-elect congratulated the Mbita M.P Millie Odhiambo for paralyzing the National assembly seat that the CORD termed it as illegal. The National assembly speaker Hon. Justin Muturi was blocked by CORD members led by Hon. Millie Odhiambo from accessing the parliament. The president-Elect had some remarks over the Kenyan parliament fracas.

"The fracas that happened yesterday at the parliament was really and truly leadership. I have heard about a very brave Kenyan woman lawmaker by the name Millie Odhiambo. Kenya needs at least 20 MPs like Millie Odhiambo. The woman is really right. Ever since I started my campaigns, I have been fully briefed about Mr.Kenyatta.
 He is a conman. Indeed he’s a baboon and fool. Uhuru is one of the most corrupt individuals Kenyans should be worried of, and only Kenyans of unsound mind like his fellow Kikuyu community can trust him,” said Trump.
The US President-elect added, “Kenya can only be rescued by the Opposition and not Uhuru and his deputy who grab anything. Congratulations, Millie,” he remarked.

The CORD members were against the move of the jubilee members of parliament changing laws that will their favor government in the next general elections. 

The elections bill that was to combat rigging in any elections, that is, by the use of electronic and biometric voter registration and voting in all standards during elections, the Jubilee MP wanted to remove the clause to give room for manual voting.
The MPs blocked Hon Muturi from accessing the Chambers, saying the 9.30am sitting was illegal and unconstitutional since their House leadership had not been consulted.

Today the CORD members met at the Orange house to discuss the way forward and decided to cause more chaos if the JAP members will continue engaging in removing the electronic voting electoral clause. 


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