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Mike Sonko and Peter Kenneth supporters Clash extended and left 3 dead.

Peter Kenneth at Dagorret in Nairobi. PHOTO | courtesy

The Nairobi senator Hon Mike Sonko clashed with Peter Kenneth again which left three people dead. The two leaders met again in a popular Joint in Nairobi where the supporters started fighting with reasons being unclear.

Dust filled the air as the groups pinpointing to each other.The fist fight broke with each group dragging another from one corner to the other. The fist fight continues for a while until the two leaders bodyguards were forced to shoot on the air in an attempt to contain the situation.

Some of the fighters were not shocked or shivered with the gun fires and they continued fighting. The two leaders have not seen one another "eye to eye" since the meat eating meeting with the other Jubilee aspirants headed by former TNA boss Johnson SakajaThe

Deputy president has urged all the aspirants in Nairobi to preach peace and campaign peacefully. He also added that for Jubilee to take seats in Nairobi, the leaders are urged to unite and work as a team. The government will have a space for all of the who will fail in the Nomination process or during elections. "The only challenging activity is to get president Uhuru Kenyatta elected as the Next president.

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