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" We were absolutely fools after we killed our parties to form Jubilee." Says Kiraitu and former URP sec. general Muteti.

Kiraitu Murungi in the Nyeri former Governors home Nderitu Gachagua paying tributes on behalf of Meru. PHOTO | Courtesy
The Meru gubernatorial seat aspirant Hon Kiraitu Murungi and former URP secretary general Fred Muteti are regretting following the killing of their respective parties to Jubilee.

The Meru Gubernatorial aspirant said, " It takes a fool who does not understand what will happen in Jubilee after the nomination. It was better if we had second thoughts of joining Jubilee"

On a separate occasion, the former URP secretary general Fred Muteti also seconded the thoughts. " If the URP was alive today, we could have moved out to negotiate with other parties for a better stake." regretted Muteti.

The entrance of KANU in Jubilee as a partner has enlightened many people and leaders in the government party. The Meru leaders said that it was better for NASA than in the Jubilee.

There is a lot of heat being initiated for the Jubilee party following the decamping of key leaders from the respective parties which made the bigger party, Jubilee. The deputy president has urged all the leaders that there are jobs for everyone who will protect and fight for the Party vision.
The deputy president was shocked following the fallouts from every corner of the party. The ODM leader who moved with his NASA team in Meru urged the people of Meru to open eyes and not to elect back the corrupt or graft government. "The government is lacking diplomacy that is why the Miraa farmers are stranded with their produce with no market." Said Raila Odinga.

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