There is no one opposing the fact that for now, Tanzanian rapper Darassa is on top of the world, considering that the taste of fame he is sailing in for now. The Muziki hit-maker had to make a new record as far as East African music Industry to compete with top vocalists in East Africa and Africa at large, talking of Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz.

Darassa during a past music concert, Photo| Courtesy Facebook
Rapper Darassa.
Despite the tight competition in the game, he has emerged to be the only rapper who has managed to make it on top for now considering the fact that most rappers have been facing it hard to convince millions of fans to watch their artwork through youtube platform.

This is the reason why most media houses he has been visiting recently, they had been asking him if he had to visit Witch-Doctors to seek for Juju so as to reach that great archives. But on his side, he has been opposing these accusations and elaborates that, yes he did visit a Witch-doctor long time ago but he wasn't alone but went there as a team.

Talking to Larry Madowo on the #TheTrend Show, Darassa said that he used to play football and as a team captain he was advised to visit a certain witchdoctor alongside the whole squad so as to win a certain tournament and which he did but not because of music.

Just like Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz, Darassa admitted that Kenya as a country is very important for East African music artists success. He said that in his life he has been hearing and reading about Kenya and its supportive initiative of art and artist back in his home country Tanzania but for now he was happy for he was witnessing this with his own eyes.

 Many successful music artists from  Tanzania, talking in likes of legends like Mr Nice, Mb Dogyy, Professor Jay, Ay, FA, Ray C, Lady Jay Dee, Matonya, Q-Chief, Pasha, Hussein Machozi and many others have they had to pass though Kenyans soil and wash with the Kenyan support blessings before being known by the rest of the African parts.

Kenyan music industry market is an open source market and it does not bargain with any good music if it comes in giving it support. Darassa also again denied that the Muziki hit song was a Diss-track targeting Diamond Platnumz but it was just an instantiating idea that came in his mind at the right moment and time hence he went ahead and release it as a song.

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