Wiper Aspirant Chibanza Dzombo for MCA in Shimo La Tewa Ward in Kilifi county. PHOTO | George Charo

Shimo la Tewa ward in Kilifi was left vacant after the demise of MCA Bakari Ali this year. He died when he was on the way to Nairobi. The Member of county assembly was heading to Nairobi to hand over his papers over as an aspirant looking forward to securing his seat.

According to the status of Shimo la Tewa ward which includes the fastest growing town in Kilifi county, Mtwapa town, it is recommended to have a visionary and well vast leader who will represent the people of Mtwapa in the Kilifi county assembly with zeal and future.

What Shimo la Tewa ward needs;

Matatu/Bus stage.
The fastest growing town does not have a bus or Matatu stage. Leaders have been in and out of the ward without knowing that the number of people and businesses kept on increasing day in and out. for the past 10 years, Mtwapa has been growing consistently until reached to be the second town in Kilifi in revenue generation.

The people of Shimo la Tewa ward need to select someone who has a vast experience in the education sector. Education being the backbone of the economy, people from Majengo, Mzambarauni, Maweni etc are still in the dark. Some of the leaders who have been holding the county education kit used for other purposes or personal interest, others use to educate only the family members and friends.
Fortunately, some of the schools in Mtwapa including Mtwapa primary and SahaJanad special school(physical challenged)were selected to be among the beneficiaries of ICT transformation funded by GES(DFID). Some leaders have been struggling to compromise the free donorship including the late elected member of county assembly.

Children have been struggling to find education as the number of public primary and secondary schools in the area are limited. The few public schools are in a pathetic state while the county officials take their children to private schools in the nearby ward in Shanzu.

Wiper Aspirant Chibanza Dzombo for MCA in Shimo La Tewa Ward in Kilifi county. PHOTO | George Charo
Employment has been the thorn issue for the youths in Mtwapa. The late member of county assembly failed to protect the interest of the ward. Youths from Malindi, Magarini, and other sub-counties were employed by the county to do casual jobs in the town leaving the natives jobless.That means, Kilifi traffic unit and security did not find youth from Mtwapa and took people from other sub-counties to manage traffic in the town. The member of county assembly failed to protect the youths by securing employment for them as Shimo la Tewa ward is the third ward in Kilifi county for generating revenues.

The ward that has been faced with a lot of irregularities in the land issue is Shimo la Tewa. Tycoons and government officials have been rewarding themselves with massive chunks of land. Land grabbing has been consistently in the increase in the ward while the residents remain squatters. People have been struggling with the police and courts with no success as the grabbers corrupt the respective officials.
The people of Shimo la Tewa ward will have to vote wisely as most of the aspirants are there for personal gains.

Wiper Aspirant Chibanza Dzombo for MCA in Shimo La Tewa Ward in Kilifi county. PHOTO | George Charo
Poor housing hit the area as the businessmen block the upcoming business people with storey buildings. Poor housing led to the poor drainage system and lack of road infrastructure expansion. Roads are impassable due to poor state and lack of proper planning. Some funds were allocated to build certain infrastructural facilities in the ward but ended up in people pockets. Shimo la Tewa ward has little to no public houses let by housing department despite being a bigger town. People in the rural areas have very few permanent houses due to inability and lack of proper mechanisms for supporting them.

General, the domestic infrastructure in the ward is terrible from schools(Technical institutions, colleges, primary and secondary), electricity distribution, housing, access to information, better health facilities, roads e.t.c  The people of Shimo la Tewa needs to vote wisely and focus on the people mission and vision rather than being bribed with few cents that will cost the ward for five good years.

According to the latest manifestos, Transformational leadership can only be exercised by an effective leader who shall be having an inspiring vision for the future of the ward.A true leader who Shall motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision and manage the delivery of the vision through its peoples' assistance.

Wiper Aspirant Chibanza Dzombo for MCA in Shimo La Tewa Ward in Kilifi county. PHOTO | George Charo

The Wiper aspirant Chibanza Dzombo is seen to have the zeal and experience from the humble background environment. He seems to understand much better than other aspirants just from the speeches and the manifesto. [no-sidebar]

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