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POTUS Trump and Russian President Putin vowed to help Raila Odinga win elections as Jubilee plots rigging.

Vladimir Putin says will assist Raila Odinga in the coming elections. PHOTO | Courtesy AFP

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is ready to help Kenyan Opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga win the General Election. The Russian president said that the country will be at risk if the government failed to pay the debts.

Putin contrasted Kenya with Malawi saying that Malawi gave all infrastructural contracts to South Africa and later the country's' economy declined as the South African government collected its debts.

Putin is unhappy because the Kenya government has allowed China to monopolise huge international infrastructural contracts.  “Instead of helping Kenya stabilise its poor economy, Uhuru is giving China all government projects on loans, which is worsening the country’s economy,” said Putin in Moscow.

Putin accepted the request by the Kenyan  Opposition leader for assistance to win the next general election to be conducted in August.

"I will give the opposition leader in Kenya high surveillance equipment and will consult the US president Donald Trump to do the same so that we end election rigging and victimisation.  Kenya is a very strategic country in Africa and was to be at the same level with Malaysia, Singapore and Wales. Only bad leadership has deteriorated the country." Added Putin.

 Putin said Odinga approached him late last year to help him with finances and logistics to win the election.

Odinga said that Russia is more advanced technology wise and it will be good and safer for NASA to have their back up in Russia.  “We all remember the role Russia played in the last US General election and that is the same role I would like them to play in the Kenyan election,” Raila told reporters today.

Raila Odinga sent a representative in Tanzania where they are making the backup tallying centre in conjunction with NASA space technologists and other highly technically skilled personnel who will embark on moving with high surveillance systems in what they called "Adopt a Polling station" exercise that will be taken care of NASA agents.

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