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Teachers have something to smile at the banks as Teachers Service Commision(TSC) actualise the 54 Billion pay rise deal from 1st july, 2017.

A teacher in staffroom marking. PHOTO | Courtesy

The 54 Billion Teacher pay rise deal was signed and approved as their money was wired to their accounts. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) released full details of the hefty payment for the 312,060 teachers.

 “Teachers will access their salaries from Saturday, July 29, (today),” said TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia.

 TSC signed Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) with the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) and the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) for the period 2017 –2021.

 Implementation of the deal was scheduled to start on July 1 and will be effected in two or four phases for highest paid and lowest paid staff respectively. Some 156,000 teachers who are lowest paid – job group H, J, and K – will have their salary spread across two years. Ms. Macharia said the new salaries have been processed based on a new expanded grading structure.

 Grading now changes to B5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 from lowest to highest paid. Previously, teachers were graded from G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, and R. This means under the new grading system the lowest paid teachers fall between B5 to C2, and will take home a maximum pay of between Sh21,757 and Sh43,694. The increment will be implemented in two phases.

The rest of the teachers who fall under the higher pay grade – job group L to R – will have their salary spread over four years. Under the new grading system, these teachers fall under job group C3 to D5 and earn between Sh43,154 and Sh157,656.

“The payroll has been run and payslips uploaded on the online platform for access by teachers,” the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia said.

It means that the salary of a teacher at grade B5 is now Sh19,224 up from Sh16,692, while the highest paid in this group will take home Sh24,250 up from Sh21,304.

“The salaries of all the 312,060 teachers have now been converted to the new grading structure and individually placed on respective new pay points,” said Macharia. ALSO READ: Hiring of over 230,000 staff to manage exams kicks off The lowest paid teacher under job group B5 who currently earns Sh16,692 will take home Sh19,224.

 Allowances The highest paid teacher in this category will get a maximum Sh24,250. These are primary teachers (II), according to TSC brief. At full implementation in July 2018, they will take home a maximum Sh27,195. Teachers under the old grade K and J will all be collapsed under the new grade C1. The teachers currently earn between Sh19,323 and a maximum Sh29,918.

The Teachers have something to smile as their pay deal actualized and the government is looking for the teacher's hands in August elections. The increment will also be done every two years simultaneously with teachers upgrading.

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