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#Nominations : Lamu residents cry over imported nominated MCAs who have no Lamu county clue. - Lamu county human rights activists.

Lamu county assembly. PHOTO | The Star

Lamu county has been invaded by non-locals for the nominated and elected political positions. The local Lamu residence have been caught pants down over the importation of nominated MCAs from various parts across the country.

New MCAs have been introduced to the county assembly who do not have a clue of how LAMU looks like. They first stepped the county for taking oath at the county assembly. Lamu human rights activist Mohamed Feisal said it is an injustice of the highest order that the Jubilee party has imported people from Kiambu and Kajiado to come and take or make decisions for the people of Lamu county.

Mrs. Jane Wanjiku ndung'u from Kiambu, voted at Ruiru constituency and she has not even stepped Lamu and she stepped in for the swearing ceremony. She was born in Kiambu and raised in Nairobi. She has been applying for nominations across 7 counties and fell to the hands of Lamu county assembly.

Mr. Festus Kiruha Ndung'u from Kajiado, voted at Kajiado central and stays in Kajiado. He was born in Kajiado central and has not stepped Lamu until the day he came for swearing in ceremony.

Sheita Arubaina from Kiambu voted at Kabete constituency and a resident of Kabete. She was born and raised in Kabete, Kiambu county. She has not stepped Lamu county and she came on the swearing-in day through google maps. She did not have a clue of where the assembly is and even the county offices.

"These people came with their families in Lamu and we are waiting for the next Jubilee party move. The Nominated MCA who is a really Lamu native is only one."Mr. Feisal said.

The residents are shocked with how the assembly will work to their satisfaction. The imported MCAs who have no clue of Lamu county will make decisions of whatever they don't know. First time in politics and in the county will make it difficult to make laws of the County they do not know about. The lobby groups have threatened to take action against the New Governor Fahim Twaha over the Nominations overseeing.


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