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California gunmen blind shots kill four and injured dozens.

US police keep a road block in Carolina. PHOTO | ELIJAH NOUVELAGE | NATION
US police keep a road block in California. PHOTO | ELIJAH NOUVELAGE | NATION
A gunman landed in rural of Northern California randomly picking schools and other locations. It is reported that four people were killed on the spot and dozens injured with bullet wounds. The Gunmen went on a rampage on Tuesday.

Police units were quick to respond to the situation which made an effort of eliminating the gunmen.  The motive of the shooting is yet to be established.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters that the assailant was killed by police following the mass shooting, which began around 8:00 am local time at a home in Rancho Tehama Reserve and continued at several locations in the community, including the elementary school.

"No children were among the dead and the motive for the assault was unclear, although it may be linked to a domestic dispute and a history of disagreements with neighbors or Islamic militants."

"It was very clear at the onset that we had an individual that was randomly picking targets," Johnston said at a news conference.

"This man was very, very intent on completing what he set out to do today."

The ISIS has been alleged to use other means of shooting to accomplish their tasks. Last year, a member of the group used a trailer(truck) to trail across a football field and killed dozens in France.

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