Kenyans have nothing to lose if Raila Odinga retires peacefully. -BUZEKI says.
Kenyans have nothing to lose if Raila Odinga retires peacefully. -BUZEKI said. PHOTO| FILE
Raila Odinga has been urged to respect the rule of law and go down for President-Elect Uhuru Kenyatta. He was called to stop the National resistance movement as it will kill the economy of Kenya which is now staggering already.

Bundotich Zedekia Kiprop, popularly known as Buzeki, said in Kuresoi on Sunday that Raila should spare Kenyans the agony, go home and leave citizens to chart their destiny.

"The swearing in of a President is respected globally and if Raila will interrupt it, he deserves to be dealt with properly," he said at a church service.

"We owe him nothing in his twenty years of seeking the presidency. He should now spare us and retire in peace."

He said Kenyans have been rallying behind Raila since 1997 and hence he should let go of the claim to the presidency after the unsuccessful attempts.

When I failed to secure Uasin Gishu governor seat, I supported Mandago," Kiprop said adding despite being out of office, he still feels he is a leader.

"I have been serving people several years back before I contested for governor. I will still do because I am a leader, " he said.

He said that Raila Odinga has nothing to show to Kenyans that why he keeps on failing and Kenyans have nothing to lose and mind if he goes home in Bondo.

BUZEKI who failed to get the Uasin Gishu top seat to Jackson Mandago urged the people of Kenya to deny any calls from Raila Odinga as he is the "Lord of Poverty and debts".

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