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Safaricom lost half-Million subscribers as its share index dropped by 1 percent due to political tides.

Safaricom house. PHOTO | FILE

Safaricom has registered a loss of approximately 500,000 subscribers in a span of just a week. The company sales have dropped in the line of airtime merchandise and new registrations. The Safaricom share price marginally dropped by 1.96% to trade at Ksh24.25 down from Tuesday’s price of Ksh26.

The company officials have called out the legislatures to talk and evade the turbulence. The company has been registering low income after they registered 15 Billion profit down from 22 Billion last financial year.

The directors of the company have called the party leaders to exercise their rights but not by infringing others. The country has been called for reconciliation in order to move forward. Their opponents Airtel, Yu and Orange have been harvesting from the Safaricom political tides.

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