POTUS Donald Trump in Whitehouse. PHOTO | CNN
POTUS Donald Trump in Whitehouse. PHOTO | CNN
US Diplomats reigns in Nairobi following the US President Donald Trump poor state of human rights mitigation across the globe. The Diplomats state that the attitude of President Trump towards human rights is really wanting.

Elizabeth Shackelford who was in Nairobi over the past 10 months with the US mission to Somalia is among the Diplomats who jetted their resignation letters to the Whitehouse.

"President Trump’s dismissive attitude toward human rights was no surprise following his campaign, but your May 3 remarks to Department staff shocked many as you called into question the utility of advancing human rights when it proves inconvenient.

"As a foreign policy professional, I understand better than most that we must balance competing interests, but human rights and democracy are fundamental elements of a safer world for our people."

Her letter shows frustration and anger felt by many career diplomats at the State Department who are being marginalized and forced out by Trump's administration.

While US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has claimed efforts to downsize the agency aim to make it more efficient, the result, Shackelford notes, has been a troubling weakening of US diplomatic capabilities.

It just comes after a series of confused diplomats who are not yet satisfied with the current political situation in the country. The international envoys call out for different organizations across the country and globe to intervene the situation as Kenya is among the strategic countries in Africa.

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