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Another NGO sponsored by USAID is planning to push for the youth weddings across Kilifi county apart from the UAE Muslim sponsorship. The DUO targets over 400 youths before may 2018.

Albert Murimi the NGO official said that the initiative will expand to Kilifi North and Ganze Sub-counties.  The will be targeting youths who are needy and looking for marital assistance.

The sponsorship by the NGO from the United Arab Emirates entails facilitating dowry, giving capital to the couple and organizing a mass wedding for the beneficiaries.

On Saturday 20 youths benefited from the programme.
They took part in a colorful mass wedding held at the Tahdeeb Muslim academy in Malindi town.

UAE AID is working in conjunction with Sharjah Charity international, Kenya Humanitarian and Charity organization Malindi Kilifi county.

Ahmed Aboud, the Chairman of Malindi Tawfiq Muslim Youth, who identified the couples said they took time to select 20 out of 36 youths who had applied but had no funds to meet the costs.

Speaking during the event, he said many youths were bachelors because they had no money for a wedding.
In the programme, he said the couples were given beds, household utensils and capital to start a business in their areas of interest.

For the brides, each one was given a tailoring machine while the bridegrooms were given motorbikes, plumbing or carpentry facilities depending on their careers.

Before the wedding ceremony, he said the couples underwent counseling done by Islamic religious leaders on the importance of maintaining their marriages and family rights.

Those who benefited were not above 30 years or below 19.
Suleiman Thoya and his bride Margaret Tatu Solomon could not hide their joy after tying the note in the mass wedding that was fully paid.

“I am happy today to marry the love of my life, My plans were to marry her in a wedding but due to financial challenges it was difficult,’’ he said.

Another NGO in partnership with USAID is also planning to join hands and target over 400 youths in Malindi. The 400 youths will be from different backgrounds and religions.  The target is to eliminate idleness among the youths and listen to the cry of the unmarried young ladies in Kilifi county.

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