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Lunchtime bedroom matters are on the rise for the mid-class and working class individuals. Most of the cafeterias and restaurants have been recording a decline in sales while lodges and guesthouse have been the lunchtime booming business recently.

According to a research conducted by IPSOS, the lunchtime s£x has increased periodical as the use of technology has enhanced women libido and reduced Men s£x attractions.  The research indicated that the foods that people eat enhance the pleasure more for women than Men.

The rooms cost Sh3, 500 for a single and Sh4,500 for a double. Initially, the hotel used to charge Sh6,500 for a single room.

In Utawala, one of the popular ‘lounges’ in the area records full booking over the weekends.

“We get very high traffic during the day, especially on weekends. People will come, stay for an hour or two, and then leave. Daytimes are the busiest. That’s why we have attendants on a full-time basis, to cater for the daytime clients,” says the establishment’s bartender.

The rooms go for between Sh1,000 and Sh1,500. Others go for Sh2,000 during the day.

“Business starts at 11 am,” says another staff of a hotel in Embakasi. Beddings have to be washed by 6 am and rooms cleaned because “watu hukuja hapa kama wamevaa tai (our customers are smartly dressed people who check in sporting ties).”

“For a married couple, at times it’s good to break away from the routine of having s£x quietly at night for fear of waking up the babies. It’s good for your s£x life if you also try it out elsewhere outside your normal schedule,” advises the s£xologist.

Sociologist Ken Ouko says married men probably find it practical to indulge in illicit s£x at lunchtime. “There is no way a married man will have s£x with a mpango wa kando at night. What if he falls asleep and wakes up in the morning? Evenings are spent with the boys and nights with the wife.

It is convenient that infidelity takes place during the day. It is very practical,” says the University of Nairobi lecturer.

Ouko explains that the logic behind lunchtime s£x is that chances of being busted are nil. “Men are generally forgetful and are prone to be caught. Either they will shower and get home fresh, or they’ll amble in wasted and exhausted, both which will raise suspicion from the wife.

The trend is now spreading from Nairobi to other major towns. Lunchtime pleasure is taking most married couples by storm as its the only way of exchanging heat with another man or Woman as its impossible at night.

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