Food prices to go up once more. PHOTO | BANA

The media was on spot over the silent excise duty increase tariff. The government has proposed levies on fast moving goods and which directly affect the Citizens.

I saw a teacher posting that fuel levy is for rich people driving cars. It is a shame the media has confused Kenyans to focus on the 8% VAT on fuel. In the 20 page document, the president has made ten recommendations as follows affect all Kenyans and mostly to the employed Kenyans.

1.Definition of betting winnings to include the full payment without subtracting the expenses of the winner. Winnings to be taxed at 20%.

2. Reduction of petroleum VAT from 16% to 8% and its implementation date changed from September 2020 to September 2018. Calculation of VAT not to include excise duty, fees and other charges.
3.Motor Vehicle Excise Duty of between 20% and 30%.

4.Sugar confectioneries including white chocolate at Sh 20 per kg

5. Telephone and internet data services excise duty at 15% of excisable value (up from current 10%)

6.Money transfer services fee Excise duty at 20% of excisable value (up from current 10%)

7. Other fees charged by financial institutions Excise duty at 20% of excisable value (up from current 10%)

8.Reduction of lotteries, betting and gaming taxes from 35% to 15%

*9.Housing Development Fund tax*  to be paid by the employee at 1.5% and employer at 1.5% of the monthly basic salary. The penalty of 5% for an employer who fails to submit the contributions.

10.Adulteration levy on kerosene at the rate of KShs 18 per litre. Diesel and Kerosene to cost the same to end adulteration.

Its now left in the hands of the legislation to avert the problem and burden facing Kenyans. It is evident that the government is keenly looking for any place possible to tax and everything soon will be taxed as its looking forward to raising 1 Million a day to pay the Chinese debt.

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