Follow You hit maker Maseno Despise in a church event. PHOTO | BANA
Follow You hit maker Maseno Despise in a church event. PHOTO | BANA

 Caleb Maseno is one of the hot and upcoming artists who started singing in 2014 still in school. According to his super talented in RnB gospel music he has been able to get shows in bigger church events and live shows across the country. His story inspired many since his high school era.

" I like music so much because it wears all my stress and tire. It also refreshes my spirit always that's why I want to share this feeling with everyone," he said.

"I started performing in school and writing songs and update I write my songs and to others who want some gospel lyrics. I come from a salvation reinforced family who supports me to do music. Am also an economics and statistics student at Chuka University. In worship in MJCC where I am a praise and worship member." Caleb Maseno added.

"I am an R$B and new dancehall Artist who also sings in Nigerian accent.

My YouTube channel is Maseno Despise."

"I write happy times music and always want to aim for the best. Sing true gospel with content and gospel purposed themes is my passion. You can always be sure of my cooperation, persistence, trust respect and promise never to let you down once given the chance." he added.

The most interesting part is about how he balanced his music with studies. Majority of people fail to balance life aspects and ended up in a confused state. The case was different for Caleb.

" Studying is the core in someone's life. Studying is the best gift a parent can offer to his/her child. I never failed because of singing and writing songs. The lyrics come natural and I don't struggle for writing. When you believe in God there is nothing difficult." he replied.

Gospel music uplifted Caleb and now he is a well-known artist across the country.  For Christianity events that require gospel live entertainment. You can contact subscribe to his youtube channel or Contact us. Let us raise talents across the country.

Would like to be part of our stories. Featured categories and live interview. 

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