Cs Sicily Kariuki
Cs Health Sicily Kariuki at bomas of Kenya. PHOTO | RMS

The health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki urge Kenyans to donate blood in large numbers. She said that the blood banks have insufficient blood.

"There is a disaster coming. We need blood in the banks. We are short of blood in the transfusion centers. We are going to roll out a program that will enable citizens to donate blood at nearby health facilities." The CS said.

"Coast general, Kenyatta and Moi referral hospitals which double to be regional hospitals have less than half of the required blood in the banks, " she added.

Ministry of Health with the county governments will come up with plans to get enough blood as the demand increases.

" One out of twenty patients every day requires blood. Each hospital needs blood due to the Increase of immerging diseases, accidents and other emergencies like difficulties emerge from pregnant mothers, " she said. 

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