Ganze Constituency Manager Emmanuel Kazungu Chai in Hospital
Ganze Constituency Manager Emmanuel Chai in Hospital after attacked by the Rogue Police officers. PHOTO | FILE

Ganze residents continue to suffer in the hands of rogue police officers. The said Police officers have been frustrating bodaboda operators, other road users, and residents in soliciting forceful bribes. 

Last week two Men were harassed beaten and locked overnight in their police cells in Ganze for refusing to bribe them.

The Ganze area member of Parliament condemned the action directed the deputy sub-county commission to look on the matter.

Yesterday, the said rogue police officers attached to Ganze police posts and Kilifi police station attacked Ganze Constituency manager for refusing to bribe them.

In his daily constituency community engagement a routine, he met the rogue police officers who harassed, beat and locked him in the police vans later released him because his health condition could not suffice.

" In reference to what happened to the Ganze Constituency Office Manager Hon. Emmanuel Kazungu Chai alias Bwenyenye who was brutally attacked by suspected police officers while on his line of duty yesterday evening, I beg not to literally engage in any forms of diversion, " said Ganze Mp Teddy Mwambire.

" Am in full confidence and support with the OCPDs' order of the law to follow it's course. As a leader, I expect to be updated in case there is anything contrary to the constituency's security concerns so that we can forge a way forward on how to sensitize the public with the sole purpose of reverting back to our expectations, " the area Mp added.

" May all the police officers trying to change the "police service" we know back to the yesterday "police force" be taken through the legal framework as required by law and expected by the entire republic. As a constituency, we're not ready to live with suspected "police terror gangs", " Mwambire stated.

"All the incidences reported concerning the "rogue police officers" must be acted on with immediate effect. I take this opportunity to wish Hon. Emmanuel Kazungu Chai a quick recovery as he pursues justice, " he concluded.

The Rogue police officers are allegedly manning the area from Kakanjuni to Ganze town and Kakanjuni to Matano-Mane in Ganze constituency. 

Residents wanted IPOA to look into the matter as the Police officers continue to rob in the daylight the residents of the area.



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  1. Sasa hiyo ndio Police reforms ama ni nini. Pole sana bwana bwenyenye. Mungu akupe nguvu. Usisahau kwenda kwa IPOA to get justice, you and the rest who have undergone the hands of the police officres.

    1. Police reforms ilikuwa ni watu wakule pesa tu.

  2. Hata Mimi nishawaona hao nikiwa kwa motorbyke nanikahepa. Police wako njaa sana.

  3. Police Kenya yetu leo huwa wako ever hungry. How can you force someone to bribe na kama hana unampiga. hapo kuna amani kweli.

  4. These police officers needs to be dealt with..


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