Former Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir charged a 10-year jail after he was found guilty of the corruption charges against him in Khartoum. 

The new Sudan government has called out all the corrupt leaders that their days are numbered.

A verdict in the corruption trial of Sudan's ex-president Omar al-Bashir that was expected on Saturday, eight months after the military deposed the strongman during unprecedented mass protests against his three-decade rule.

Bashir is charged with illegally acquiring and using foreign funds.

The former president was found guilty, he could be sent to prison for up to 10 years.

While the former president admitted to having received a total of $90 million from Saudi leaders, the trial centers on the $25 million received from Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

Bashir said the money seized from his home came out of the $25 million.

The Khartoum court handed down its verdict at 10.00 am on 14th December.2019.  

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