Tragedy in the house of Mzee Odhiambo as his child commit suicide with his wife over bank loans. 

Kisumu couple commits suicide over an Sh.8 million loan used to finance their lavish wedding.

Two families in Kisumu are mourning their two children who committed suicide a few days after making their solemn vows in a lavish wedding.

Crime scene PHOTO

According to Sources, the newly married lovebirds allegedly killed themselves over Sh 8 million loans they were unable to pay. The loan was used to finance their lavish wedding.

The couple Mr. & Mrs Odipo left a note that they were stressed & strained because the beautiful wedding they had, left them with a debt of Ksh 7.9 Million.

A suicide letter they left behind states that they could not go on honeymoon in Malaysia as planned since they had exhausted the funds.

The late couple blamed those who attended their wedding of coming only to feast with no gifts commensurate with the status of the wedding.

” We are embarrassed & ashamed that we could not start our new life in happiness because you people did not make us happy as we expected, ” reads the letter in part.

The wedding was held in a five-star hotel in Kisumu. Its believed the desire to impress their friends and the VIP guest invited saw the couple spend more than they could afford and which eventually led to their demise.

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