Bedbugs in Embu estates. PHOTO | BMS
Bedbugs in Embu estates. PHOTO | BMS

Billions of bedbugs invade Dallas estate in Embu. The bedbugs have said to be big to the size of an apple seed.  The residents now wants the government to help them fight bedbugs before the situation gets out of hand.

The insects are said to have invaded the area and even the neighbouring estates are complaining of sleepless nights particularly for children.

One of them, Sara Njeri, lamented over how the insects suck blood with reckless abandon.

According to UNICEF, a bedbug suck up to 5ml of blood daily. A bedbug can grow to 50g and its lifespan is approximately 100 years. It's said a bedbug can stay without sucking any blood for 5 years.

“I tried every available method to repel the insects. I boiled water and broke apart my furniture too,” Sara Njeri said.

They are asking the county health department to come to their rescue before any outbreak.

The county government is also fighting desert locusts on the muguka farms in the area after being inhabited.

Meanwhile, the French government has launched an anti-bedbug campaign which includes a dedicated website and a  hotline number.

“We can all be affected,” reads the website, which provides information on “strict measures” to prevent the spread of the small, flattened insects, which are about the same size as an apple seed.

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