Kiharu Mp Ndindi Nyoro receiving an award from Mizani Africa. PHOTO | BMS
Kiharu Mp Ndindi Nyoro receiving an award from Mizani Africa. PHOTO | BMS

Kiharu Constituency is the best managed NG - CDF nationally according to a survey done by Mizani Africa. The survey places Uriri and Mvita at positions 2 and 3 respectively. 

Mizani Africa focussed on the fund management and developments as stipulated in the NG-CDF act. They focused on the boards and how they administered there mandate.

" Congratulations the great people of Kiharu for having the best managed NG - CDF nationally. Many thanks to Kiharu NG - CDFC and all stakeholders. We are African and Africa is our Business. " Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro said.

Kimilili constituency has been awarded as the best constituency in western Kenya in the category of registered exceptional performance in the NG-CDF kitty utilization. 

This was according to a research that was conducted by mizani Africa.

" We rate the performance of constituencies through the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology on the metrics of value for money, amount used in projects and prioritization, " Mizani Africa official stated.

While receiving the award Kimilili member of parliament Hon Didmus  Barasa has said that those who benefit from helb should not be given bursaries to allow the less fortunate in the society access bursaries.

Kimilili was position 14 nationwide and position one in western Kenya.

Mvita and Nyali Constituencies from the Coast region ranked among the top best constituencies in the region.

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