Deputy President William Ruto gowned.
Deputy President William Ruto gowned.

Election chaos will not end in Kenya. The economy will continue to deteriorate, communities will continue to hate another, violence and Political conmanship will not end if Raila Odinga does not retire from Politics. DP Ruto allied Legislators say.

He has destabilised economy from President Moi to Kibaki and now to Uhuru Kenyatta. He started with companies boycotts, violence, political secession and now BBI through his con game of handshake.

Consequently, the legislators also told Uhuru to reshuffle the Cabinet and nominate opposition Chief Raila Odinga to the position of a prime minister or chief minister and end the current “shenanigans” going on in the country.

Led by Mithika Linturi (Meru senator), Millicent Omanga (Nominated senator), Malulu Injendi (Malava) Mosses Kuria (Gatundu South) and Mohamed Ali (Nyali) the legislators who also dared their colleagues to table the impeachment motion were categorical that Ruto will not resign from the government as he was not invited but was duly elected together with Uhuru in 2017.

"It is the privilege of the president to reshuffle cabinet he can do it anytime, we don’t have the powers, he has that powers, if he wants to bring Raila as the chief minister let him just go ahead instead of all these shenanigans, " Hon. Moses Kuria said.

“Tuko tayari, kwa uchaguzi ,tuko tayari serikali ivunjwe , tuko tayari kwenda kwa debe , we enjoy 80 per cent of the support of Kenyans wakimwaga ugali tunamwaga kitoweo.(we are ready for elections, we are ready for the government to be dissolved, we are ready to go to the polls.” he added.

" Tunasema bunge ivunjwe turudi kwa uchanguzi, tuko tayarai ( we are telling the president to dissolve government we go to the polls.)" Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali said.

While Kuria told Raila and the ODM party that DP Ruto will not be resigning anytime as he was not anybody’s appointee but was elected into government just like Uhuru was.

Omanga and Ali dared the ODM legislators to table the impeachment motion and see whether they have the numbers to send him home.

“We hear that they want to bring an impeachment motion against William Ruto, we are telling them to bring it on we are waiting.” Hon Millicent Omanga said.

Linturi and Injendi who read a written statement on behalf of their colleagues said that Raila’s interest in the jubilee government is to scuttle it down just like he scuttled Former President Mwai Kibaki’s government due to his push to take over leadership powers.

Injendi said that as Jubilee MPs they are aware of a planned meeting tomorrow to have the impeachment motion tabled in the national assembly as well as plans to reconstitute the government so that ODM can occupy half of the cabinet.

According to him, the President has not complained about Ruto neither has he sent anybody to do so and therefore ODM cannot lecture them on loyalty and respect for Uhuru adding that if loyal-meter was being used to measure loyalty to the president then the measuring tool itself is the deputy president.

“In the interim, Raila is campaigning to be made a chief minister in President Uhuru’s government. Raila’s plan all along is to use the DCI to plan foolish accusations, from Arror dam and Kimwarer dam to the Echesa scandal so that they can charge the Deputy President with anything to bar him from running for president in 2022.” Hon. Linturi said.

“We have seen Raila thorough his party members at Serena bishopric about how we should respect the president. Really? Did they just say we should be loyal and respect the president? The president has not complained about his deputy.” he added.

Linturi who maintained that BBI had been seized by Raila to insult DP Ruto, claimed that Raila was replaying the same script that he used on President Moi, President Kibaki and now President Uhuru.

“Raila out of desperation attempted to do what he did in 2007 by not only refusing to concede defeat but inciting his supporters to boycott, violence, advocating for secession of certain parts of the country and in a blatant act of treason, swearing-in as parallel president,” he added.

" The problem we have in Kenya is Raila Odinga. After Raila Odinga, we are going to have peaceful elections, the economy will be stable, the country will unite better. For now, not even BBI can unite the country under stewardship of Raila Odinga, " he added.

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