DP Ruto allied MPs in a press statement led by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi. PHOTO | NMG
DP Ruto allied MPs in a press statement led by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi. PHOTO | NMG

Deputy President allied legislators throw tantrums to the ODM leadership and legislators over the BBI and handshake. They said Raila Odinga has a history of handshakes and chaos. In a statement read by Meru senator Mithika Linturi, more than 100 MPs said if they bring Deputy President Impeachment motion, they will bring presidency impeachment motion too and let the country go back to elections.

They said, No matter what the circumstances Raila Odinga will never be the President of Kenya. But will remain in his position of being a " Handshaker". Below is their statement.

In 2007, Kenya went into an election pitting President Mwai Kibaki against ODM leader Raila Odinga. Honourable William Ruto, then as Eldoret North MP played a key role in supporting Raila to ensure he wins the polls.

After the elections, Raila Odinga, in his usual habit, refused to concede defeat, a decision that plunged the country into the mayhem that led to the loss of life, destruction of property and the crumbling of the economy.

By refusing to concede defeat, Raila held President Kibaki’s government hostage forcing the international community to intervene; and Raila, through intimidation and coercion, forced a handshake with President Kibaki.

Once he achieved power, he quickly hatched a plan against perceived political leaders whom he felt would be a stumbling block in his plan to succeed Kibaki.

Through that plan, he fixed Hon. William Ruto and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta at the ICC through his colleagues and sought to have them barred through the local courts in an effort to stop them from running for the presidency in the 2013 elections.

What was then an evil scheme brought UhuRuto together as they teamed up, not to win the presidency but to unite the country. The people of Kenya saw through Raila’s evil schemes and not only joined UhuRuto in their unity efforts but also voted them into the Presidency.

What followed was accusations and counter-accusations hatched by ODM including accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta of not only stealing money but also facilitating theft through his family members.

DP Ruto, as Uhuru’s principal assistant, stood firm behind the President and not only ensured they were re-elected in 2017 but also kept the country united.

The gospel from ODM and its sidekicks then was to separate UhuRuto by running propaganda that president Kenyatta would betray his deputy after the 2017 elections.

Raila out of desperation attempted to do what he did in 2007 by not only refusing to concede defeat but inciting his supporters to violence, boycotts, advocating for secession of certain parts of the country and, in a blatant act of treason, swearing himself in as a parallel president.

In an act of great statesmanship and in an effort to hold the country together, President Uhuru Kenyatta extended a hand of friendship to Raila. Sadly, Raila Odinga in his classic style and manner has converted the handshake into a tool of political deceit and conmanship.

The statement issued earlier by ODM and its surrogates is vintage Raila Odinga, a master of violence, division and deceit.

We would, therefore, want to respond to him as follows;

Raila Odinga’s objective in the BBI process has nothing to do with uniting the people of Kenya; it has everything to do with his insatiable appetite for power that has been evident since the 1982 coup. Raila is replaying the same script that he used on President Moi, President Kibaki and now President Uhuru Kenyatta. Indeed the Leopard does not change its spots and even with whitewash; beneath it all, you will still find its true spots.

BBI process has been fraudulently hijacked by Raila who has been going around the county using it to insult the Deputy President. By hiding behind the president, Odinga has usurped the clarity, authority and the credibility of the president’s vision and recalibrated it to achieve his personal ambitions. In becoming the most visible actor in BBI, Odinga has escalated his personal wants into the national agenda, hijacked national institutions to serve opposition and Odingaist purposes and threatened the legitimacy of the BBI altogether. BBI is not an ODM platform to wage partisan war using state budget. It is now a bureau to facilitate Odinga’s vendetta against the Deputy President and make it seem to be an explicit government agenda.

The BBI is now used to rubberstamp divisive, hateful and dangerous political actions on the pretext of conducting lawful state programmes. It is now a tool to incite communities. We have seen Raila through his party members at Serena pontificate about how we should respect the President. Really? Did they just say “we should be loyal and respect the president?” The president has not complained about his deputy neither has he sent anybody to do so on his behalf.

ODM cannot lecture us on loyalty and respect for Uhuru Kenyatta. If loyal-metre is being used to measure loyalty to Uhuru Kenyatta, then the measuring tool itself is the Deputy President. No one has sacrificed more for President Uhuru Kenyatta than DP Ruto. From the time Uhuru was MP up to now, Ruto has not only been his loyal friend but also a committed supporter. Anyone questioning DP Ruto’s loyalty to President Kenyatta is not only dishonest but also evil. Odinga forgets that he has called the President a criminal, thief, night runner, kifaranga cha kompyuta, land grabber and other epithets and never recanted anyone of them before or after the handshake.

ODM’s strategy was always about Nusu mkate government. We are aware that there is another meeting tomorrow to bring an impeachment motion against the Deputy President and get him out of office so that Raila can get a position in government. There are plans to reconstitute government so that ODM can occupy half of the cabinet. In the interim Raila is campaigning to be made Chief Minister in President Uhuru’s government.

Raila’s plan all along is to use the DCI to plan frivolous accusations, from Arror and Kimwarer dam, to the Echesa scandal so that they can charge the Deputy President with anything in order to bar him from running for president in 2022. This is just history repeating itself.

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