Kenya facing COVID-19

On the Opinions today we focussed on the ability of local industries in Kenya. They have been branded as incapacitated and unable to manufacture good quality products. The Government has heavily depended on imports.

We are now shouting to local industrialists to support the fight and yet we have fully relied on China for all products

The speed with which masks are being made in Kitui, ventilators at Kenyatta University and PPEs at Dedan Kimathi University is an indication that there is a local capacity for sustainable manufacturing in Kenya.  Political goodwill and government support lacking in the country.

KEMRI's capacity to test 35000 COVID-19 cases daily and realise we're a sleeping giant with just below average leadership.

However, Kenya has some of the best brains in the world. The country is a tech-hub, ranked among the best in English competencies and a has diverse culture. Our problem: Systemic corruption and poor leadership. Hope and goodwill come from the "pandemic economics"

Kenya had over 80% dependency on local companies. It was there. It was shut down by corrupt leaders who wanted to import everything for kickbacks. In the 70s we had the "buy Kenyan build Kenya" mantra when everything was manufactured in our industrial area, Leyland was assembling cars in Thika.

Wait until a cartel imports facemasks the locally made will be declared unsafe. That's how all industries failed. Someone imports eggs in this country hence feed have to be costly to create his/her market.

Kenya has the best brains, proactive people and determined souls, what is lacking is visionary leaders. We import crisps and potatoes spoil in Kinangop and other areas.

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