Millions of Narrow Bee Flies invade Baringo County
Millions of Narrow Bee Flies invade Baringo County. FILE

As the country facing naval virus, the desert locust, Landslides and floods, Millions of Narrow Bee flies invades Baringo county. Millions of Narrow Bee flies, popularly known as "Nairobi Fly" have invaded the county and residents wants the government to help them.

Residents are spending sleepless night from the Nairobi flies stings. Narrow Bee flies popularly known "Nairobi Fly" have invaded Kabarnet town, Baringo County in millions causing a major scare and paralysing operations. These tiny insects release toxins which cause itching and swelling when crushed on the skin.

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The county governor Hon. Stanley Kiptis says he has already sent officials to assess the matter. The county government, however, urge the residents that there was no cause of an alarm.


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  1. Locusts then Narrow Bee fly? Kenya needs some panel biting


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