Nairobi Women rep. Esther Passaris donating hygiene products for Girls in Nairobi. PHOTO | BMS

Why are people criticizing Nairobi Women Representative Esther Muthoni Passaris this time of Coronavirus? The legislature opted to advertise herself on his NGAAF donations to the Nairobi girls over coronavirus fight.

After dispatching 900 cartons of quality menstrual hygiene products so that the girls in Nairobi County can enjoy during this difficulty pandemic period, people expressed their dissatisfaction over her face advertising on the sides of the products.

She said that they can experience their menstruation in dignity and free of shame.  Hon. Pasariss was roasted on social media for branding her support. She added that no one should choose between a sanitary pad or meal.

Very few people supported her branding method.

" We've had sanitizers and buckets with name and faces on them, "

" We've had food with people faces on it. Churches, schools, hospitals have plaques with people's name on it, "

" So is this a personal dislike to Esther? Because honestly, people don't give in silence nowadays, why should hers be different yet it is for a good cause? "

However, Majority said giving donations especially from the National Government kit does not necessarily mean branding it. It is Kenyans tax, hence people need service free from PR and branding.

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