Kunyonga monkey meaning and defination
Kunyonga Monkey. COURTESY

 A spoken word from frenzy is teaching boys about unhealthy behaviour.  According to the rap it calls for better action than the so-called Kunyonga Monkey.

He noted that masturbation is a terrible vice that many people have fallen into, adding that masturbation is bad behaviour that goes with demons.

The rapper said the fact that people were ashamed to speak about their addiction makes it harder to overcome it.

According to frenzy, when one masturbates, they give birth to “spiritual” babies (whatever that means) which then blocks them from having real babies in the future.

Many rappers like Collo and Frenzy have been calling out on youths to stop the activity.

Collo was addicted to it, and he came out to show others how everyone can come out of the vice.


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