Peru Mayor who slept closed himself in a coffin to avoid curfew rules
Peru Mayor playing dead in a coffin to avoid police arrest. DAILYMAIL

Peru mayor trick police by sleeping in a coffin to avoid curfew arrests. The mayor who flawed curfew rule had to use tricks to avoid arrests.

The mayor of a small town in Peru tried to play dead after being snapped by police violating coronavirus  lockdown rules while drinking with friends.

Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres was pictured lying in an open casket wearing a face mask by officers who came to arrest him on Monday night in the town of TantarĂ¡, in the south of Peru.

Police say he infringed curfew and social distancing laws in order to drink liquor with his friends and was drunk when he was apprehended.

It is not clear exactly where he and his friends were drinking, or why there were open caskets close at hand. 

Torres has previously been accused by locals of failing to take the threat of the virus seriously and failing to carry out state measures in the town.

Peru was officially placed into lockdown 66 days ago by the central government.

But angry locals say Torres has spent just eight days in the town since the start of the lockdown and has failed to adhere to the local safety measures.

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