Lawyer Donald Kipkorir bashing Grand Mullah
Lawyer Donald Kipkorir. FILE

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir roasts Grand Mullah(Ahmednasir Abdullahi) for participating in the grand NCPB theft with Sirisia MP John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu.

Former Deputy Chief Justice, Nancy Barasa, and lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi are among those who may have benefited from the KSh. 313M paid to MP John Waluke and his company by NCPB.

Don says it will be justice for all those who accepted faked documents and the NCPB officials facilitated the move brought to book.

Don added that the truth of the civil case that John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu won against NCPB relied on forged documents. And no single grain of maize was supplied. Getting judgment on forged documents doesn’t mean anything. The Judgment was void. No one can benefit from a criminal act.

" What EACC  DCI need to do now is investigate perpetrators of the SCAM. Who forged the Documents? Who approved the forgery at NCPB? Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Scheme? We can only destroy CORRUPTION by uprooting all its networks and make all Beneficiaries feel pain, " he added.

" In Kenyan Law, you get no legitimate proprietary right or any right from a criminal act. Courts cannot legitimate crime. The Arbitration Award, the High Court and Court of Appeal rulings that gave money to John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu millions for supplying air are without substratum, " he added.

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