Photos of Marqan miraa bubble gums, where can i find marqan bubble gums
Rek East Africa Ltd CEO Maore Ithula. FILE

Rek East Africa Ltd CEO Maore Ithula, a communication expert and agricultural engineer discovered a business idea by manufacturing chewing gum made from miraa.

" People have been chewing Miraa with gums, why not coming up with miraa chewing embedded bubble gums? Miraa is an essential product in Kenya and is categorized as food, " he said.

Photos of Marqan miraa bubble gums, where can i find marqan bubble gums

The gum, sold under the brand name Marqan, is manufactured by Rek East Africa Limited and is already selling strictly to buyers above 18.

According to its manufacturer, the invention, whose ingredients include gum base, oils, sugars, miraa, gum Arabica and aspartame, makes chewing miraa easier, more stylish and hygienic.

The invention was guided by technical experts at the food division of the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) - a government agency at South C in Nairobi.

But even as Ithula announced that the product was already in the market, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) Head of Quality Assurance and Inspection Bernard Nguyo on Tuesday said his department had not issued a standardisation mark for the gum.

Mr Nguyo accused the firm of not following the correct legal procedure to have the new product registered.

"Products that have miraa as ingredients are classified as psychotropic substance, whose manufacture and sale are controlled under the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act," said Nguyo.

He said Kebs had written to Rek East Africa Ltd in response to its application for registration, insisting that the right legal procedures to guarantee safety must be followed. However, the firm argues that Kebs should be aware that miraa is a legal crop recognised by the government.

Mr Ithula denied that the herb was classified under narcotics or psychotropic substances.

 "Miraa is grown in Kenya, it is exported and the government recognises it. The law recognises it as a registered crop," said Ithula.

"While still under incubation at Kirdi, we were advised that no license is required any of the many projects. Incubation means that Kirdi midwife innovations, and nurtures them by taking care of all infrastructural costs, government levies and licenses, among others," he added.

The Kirdi Public Relations Office admitted that it helped Ithula come up with the chewing gum.

"Marqan chewing gum was incubated and developed in the food technology division of Kirdi and was also linked to Kebs for certification," said the organisation through its Sarah Gacii.

Even with the safety concerns raised by Kebs, the chewing gum is already retailing in Eastleigh, Nairobi, one of the largest markets of miraa in the country.

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