Police officer Duncan Ndiema interdicted, to be charged with the murder of Yasin Moyo
Police officer that murdered Yasin rested

The Director of Public Prosecutions has upheld the arrest and prosecution of a police officer, Duncan Ndiema Ndiwah. 

The Police officer was apprehended in the evening of Tuesday immediately after the order.

He has been interdicted and will charged with murder.

He said is in relation with the disastrous shooting of Yasin Moyo at the balcony of his home in Huruma, Nairobi on March 30 this year.

On the destructive day, the 13-year-old had been curiously staring police patrol the streets with his mother and siblings at the balcony where he was shot.

Human rights group Amnesty International told CNN it has documented 16 people killed by police officers since the curfew started.

"Yassin’s been shot, we were on the balcony, the police had a torch on us and then they fired shots.” Yassins' father said. 

"My child was shot on the balcony at home, he wasn’t even on the street,” his father said. “I support the curfew but how the policeman handled it was very wrong.”

“After preliminary investigations, fifteen (15) deaths and thirty-one (31) incidents where victims sustained injuries have directly been linked to actions of police officers during the curfew enforcement,” the IPOA statement reads.

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