David Maraga with the intimated woman in a hotel, romantic indeed
 CJ David Maraga. FILE

Chief Justice David Maraga has been at the centre stage between his judiciary and the statehouse.

After the 2017 elections, President Uhuru Kenyatta said he will revisit the judiciary. Update, the judiciary has been on with problems while the state blocking some improvement and projects.

Recently, CJ David Maraga has been blocked by the state on the appointment of judges to various courts in the country.

A video believed to have been originated from the state shows CJ Maraga has been accused of sleeping around with female judges whom he is pushing for appointments.

The video portrays how CJ David Maraga has been pushing for the appointment of the said judges while he had previously been in a romantic relationship with some of them.

The allegations have been posted by the Chief Justice himself saying the state now is using which hinting techniques.

However, several leaders have defended CJ David Maraga saying the Videos are meant to taint the image of Judiciary.

" It cannot be a government without Judiciary, the executive (StateHouse) and Parliament so learn to live with each other,  " NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua said.

" The executive being first among equals bears the greatest responsibility to ensure the government, that is all three arms function, "  she added.

So the state, Interior ministry and the Attorney General offices save us the drama of the mudslinging, face the Kenya judiciary in a round table meeting, resolve the developing crisis aware that with or without CJ David Maraga we need a functioning Judiciary hence the need to protect not destroy it, " she concluded.

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