Nyamaza kidogo... Uhuru pause Hubert Perr from asking a ridiculous question online

President Uhuru Kenyatta on a virtual conferencing
President Uhuru Kenyatta on a virtual conferencing. FILE


 President Uhuru Kenyatta's virtual address was interrupted after a member failed to mute his microphone.

President Uhuru was addressing the closure of the COVID-19 discussion on Zoom that included stakeholders drawn across the country.

As he was in the middle of his speech, the man by the name Hubert Perr was caught talking in the background.

"We will make sure that our country is ready for any terror or any disaster..." Uhuru said before he was interrupted.

Perr who was not quite clear said: "Sir, Sunday you went for ....yesterday."

 "Thank you.. I am finishing... if that is what your problem is," Uhuru responded.

But with this response, the man, who was still unaware of what was going on went on to ask a question.

"Which place are you going to?" Perr posed.

Uhuru said, " Who am I talking to? A Hubert Perr somebody, nyamaza kidogo nimalize ile nasema (keep quiet so I finish what I was saying),"

Hubert Perr to be an expert in budget support and private sector development.

Technology strains also affected DP William Ruto who was also cut short from the meeting after his screen went off.


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