President Uhuru Kenyatta at KICC launching signature collection

Deputy President William Ruto admits that the BBI report needs further amendments to be fit for a referendum.

The BBI taskforce has made numerous key improvements to the proposals included in the document Kenyans are to sign to.

That pushed away from the persistence by ODM leader Raila Odinga that the BBI report would not be altered.

Some of the key changes include the creation of the position of deputy ministers who can be appointed from among Legislators.

Governors will be allowed to appoint the members of the Executive Committees from among MCAs.

The Final Bill removed the proposal replacing the National Police Service Commission with a Kenya Police Council.

The final document drops the direct appointment of a Judiciary Ombudsman by the president. The appointment now will require approval by the Senate.

The scheme to assign some four functions permanently from Nairobi County to the National Government has also been abandoned.

There is no specific number of MPs in the National Assembly. However, constituencies with a large population will be sub-divided.

The number of MPs will also be increased through nominations up to the point where no gender is more than two-thirds of the House.

The BBI had proposed an additional of 70 extra-parliamentary seats. The extra 70 MPs were to be drawn from constituencies with big populations whose residents faced the risk of being under-represented.

Instead, the BBI technical committee has backed delimitation of boundaries to form new constituencies by the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission immediately after the BBI referendum.

In the proposal, counties that are presently under-represented by having heavy populations based on a population quota of 132,138 people per constituency would receive additional MPs.

Counties like Nairobi will get 12 new seats, Kiambu 6, Nakuru 5, Kilifi 4, Mombasa 3, Bungoma 3 and Kajiado 3 seats.

The removal of the Kenya Police Council means the status quo on the Police Service retained.

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