Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress

 Content creation is now a Billion industry in Kenya. Content creators and business are moving from traditional advertising to modern entertaining advertisements.

Content creators monetize their content through various platforms including Google, Daily Motion, Facebook among other platforms.

Catherine Kamau Karanja alias Kate Actress and Abel Mutua explain how the journey in content creation paid their bills.

" When money comes, it is a lot until you have a team to pay. Every time a client comes to me, I ask they allow me to do it my way so that it is not so client-driven. I’m now thinking of business beyond content creation, " Kate Actress said on Business Now.

"Numbers help stand a better chance but content that cannot be taken by everyone across the board means you miss out on a couple of people. My content is based on longevity. Talent is only 20%, business is 80%, " Abel Mutua said.

" When I started doing YouTube videos, it started as fun and once I noticed how much traction it gets after a few episodes, I became deliberate in handling the channel. If your content is educational, entertaining and inspiring, it will go home, " he added.

" Njugush helped me a lot when I was starting. I did not know I could fully depend on content creation as I do now. A lot of work goes into content creation, I started humbly but ensured my clients come back, " Kate actress added.

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